Five Things in the Near Future

What even is this?

Ashley C. Ford
2 min readSep 21, 2020
Photo by Heather Sten

Years ago I maintained a mostly weekly blog on Tumblr called 5 Things. Every Sunday I published a post with five short thoughts or essays inspired by own life and public observances. It was fun for me, and I miss writing that way even though my life has changed considerably since my last post on that old blog in 2016. Since then, I’ve sold and will soon publish my first book, a memoir, and written seven cover stories for magazines. I’ve been a podcast and television host, and even did some underwear modeling which was probably a one-time thing, but I’ll be talking about for the rest of my life. As I prepare to leave Brooklyn, the apartment I’ve lived in longest since leaving my mother’s home, and share a story (a whole book!) from my real life with the world, I need a space to write about who I’m becoming and what I see along the way. My hope is that my musings on my own complicated existence will be useful to someone out there, or at the very least, worth a read.

Follow me here, and find out for yourself. I’ll be posting every Tuesday starting next week.

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p.s. I’m just getting started here, so bear with me as I play with the look and tone of this page. Feel free to play with me.